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Kurry Corner

Kurry Korner’s unique Southeast Asian curry recipe originated from our Auntie, who lives in Vancouver, Canada. She worked at a famous Asian restaurant where she came up with this recipe with over 30 different ingredients. A few years ago Auntie retired but she wanted people to continue to try and love this curry. We as curry lovers flew over to Vancouver to learn this recipe from her. After many trials and errors we finally mastered this unique curry recipe and brought it back with us to the United States.

At Kurry Korner we also developed a special Japanese curry recipe. As curry lovers we tried many types of curry from Japanese curry to Indian curry to Southeast Asian curry. After many experiments we developed these two Asian curry recipes that perfectly match chicken, pork chop and seafood.

Curry is a very popular and special dish in the Asian culture. It is the dish that reminds us of home and the dish that only our moms cook best. Kurry Korner aims to spread the feeling of home and warmth to all who tries our unique curry recipes

We believe that Kurry Korner is your next stop when you are craving for curry. Let’s Rock N’ KURRY!


Telp : 267-519-3973

Address : 1016-18 Race Street Philadelphia, PA


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